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Auto Accidents

Nitro Chiropractor | Nitro chiropractic Auto Accidents |  WV |

Being in a car accident is scary, especially if you have not been in one before. You may experience aches and pains that you have never experienced. Chiropractic treatment can help ease that pain. Neck and back pain are the most common post-accident complaints, but chiropractic treatment can help with whiplash, arm pain, leg pain, headaches, foot pain, and hand pain, dizziness or numbness just to name a few. 

Most people don't know where to go to help with post-accident pain. Family doctors and emergency rooms can do testing to ensure there is no damage to your vital organs, but cannot do much for muscle tightness, other than prescribe medication to help deal with pain. Chiropractic care can help reduce pain without any medication, which can be beneficial to the healing process, as opposed to just masking pain. 

Our caring and understanding staff want to help you recover from your car accident symptoms and pain. We work closely with your lawyers and your insurance so you don't have to worry about anything other than feeling better. 

Chiropractic therapy will help with the following after an accident:

Reducing Inflammation- Adjustments help your body release IL-6 which is an important anti-inflammatory substance the body produces to help with acute injury

Restores Motion-Chiropractic manipulations restore motion by allowing blood and nutrients to go to areas that would be restricted by inflammation

Chiropractic Reduces Scar Tissue- By targeting the damaged area and breaking up scar tissue, faster than your body will naturally, you will heal faster and not have scar tissue

Chiropractic Care Reduces Future Pain-People who receive chiropractic treatment post-accident are less likely to experience long-term issues, in a comparison with someone who is treated with medication and bed rest. 



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